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Hilman 72 Ton Swivel Padded Top Bull Dolly Set Machinery Moving Dollies


Top Style


Our Bull Dolly Series now includes high capacity sets with 9, 12 & 18 Ton Dollies with Polyurethane wheels! These high capacity units not only keep the low profile and lightweight of our original models but they were designed with a larger footprint to spread the weight of the load over a greater area.

The 9, 12, and 18 Ton units come with either Swivel Padded or Swivel Diamond tops. The sets feature a carrying handle that can be used to position the unit. You can also use a standard 1 inch alignment bar (not included) to stabilize heavy loads or to connect multiple units.

*Images are for representation only. Actual product may differ.

Technical Specifications

Hilman Part Number Set Capacity (tons) Capacity Per Dolly (tons) Top Style Type Number of Rollers per Dolly Height (in) Roller Type Set Weight (lbs)
RS-BSP-36P 36 9 PADDED SWIVEL 6 7.86 POLY 276
RS-BSP-48P 48 12 PADDED SWIVEL 8 7.86 POLY 408
RS-BSP-72P 72 18 PADDED SWIVEL 12 7.86 POLY 484