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Hilman Omni-Skate 10 Ton Rotating Dolly




The Hilman Omni-Skate is a rotating dolly that provides a low profile, stable, efficient solution for moving heavy loads.  This multi-directional load skate is capable of traveling in any direction and rotating on axis.


  • 360-Degree Rotation for omni-directional maneuverability
  • Secured Padded Top - screwed on load pad that won't come loose and can be replaced in the field
  • Multi-wheel Modules- three wheels per module to optimize turning
  • Bearings - one thrust and two axial bearings per foot to ease change of direction
  • Non-marking Wheels - Durable nylon wheels that won't mark floors
  • High Capacity Rugged Frame
  • Low Profile
  • Wide Slots - for strapping skates to the load
  • Optional Stabilizer Bar- adjustable bar to stabilize rear skates
  • Optional Handle for pulling
  • Multiple units can be put together for 3 point moving configurations
  • Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

Technical Specifications

Model Load Capacity (tons) Height (in) Width (in) Length (in) Number of Rollers per Dolly Roller Diameter (in) Wheel Type Weight (lbs) Pad Diameter
OMNI-10 10 4.63 31.4375 38.75 15 Ø 3.13 NYLON 193 Ø 8”