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PowerAttack | Corded Powered Load Mover




The PowerAttack is an innovative way to move loads on skates or trolleys instead of forklifts! 

Once attached to a steerable skate with an adaptor, it uses “lever” and “traction” to move heavy loads. Rear dollies are used for good grip. The length of the device increases pressure on them, resulting in towing or pushing loads up to 25 & 30 tons*.

Each PowerAttack has telescopic extension that increases the length up to 84” along with a 2 wheel aux trolley “Landing Gear” for easy transport to the site. The trolley is folded and attached under the main tube by a magnet while working.

PA25C-Corded Version

•Powered by an electric cable with 230 V or 110V drive motor available
•2 electronically controlled speeds (0-5m/in and 0-20m/min)
•Forward-backward function

*Loads can be moved up to 25 & 30 tons depending on floor surface, types of skates, etc. Images are for representation only. Actual product may differ.

*Images are for representation only. Actual product may differ.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 25 Tons (25,000 kg) 30 Tons (30,000 kg)
Length 65" (1650 mm) - 84" (2150 mm) 65″ (1650 mm)-84" (2105 mm)
Width 15″ (380 mm) 15″ (380 mm)
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg) 165 lbs (75 kg)
Package Includes 2 Adaptors, 1 Load Toe

2 Batteries, 1 Charge Unit, 2 Adaptors, 1 Load Toe


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